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Kintaro Bon Dance Gray/Blue - BON08


This casual boy's outfit pays homage to the Japanese folklore Kinatro.

Kintarō (often translated as "Golden Boy") is a folk hero from Japanese folklore. A child of superhuman strength, he was raised by a mountain hag on Mount Ashigara. He became friendly with the animals of the mountain, and later, after catching Shutendouji, the terror of the region around Mount Ooe, he became a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu under the new name Sakata Kintoki. He is a popular figure in noh and kabuki drama, and it is a custom to put up a Kintarō doll on Boy's Day in the hope that boys will become equally brave and strong.

For more on the tale of "Kintaro" visit: HERE

Perfect for Boy's Day, Bon Dance season, Halloween, and/or just any other day as a cute pooch..

- Easy lightweight Apron style outfit adorned with Kinatro kanji (golden boy) on back and Inu Inu kanji on chest.

- Adjustable neck (velcro) with side ties for an easy & comfortable on/off.

- Under opening for no “wee wee” accidents!

-Made of lightweight machine washable poly/cotton fabric.

- Made in Hawaii!